Create, share and track approval requests.


Users of Biztera send each other approval requests within their Biztera organizations. For example, offices use Biztera to authorize payments. You can integrate with Slack so that when an approval request is created, approved, or denied in your organization, a message is sent from us to notify your Slack channel.
You can also create, approve, deny requests directly in Slack:
/request @johnsmith --title 'Buy tablets' Sends a request 'Buy tablets' to  '@johnsmith'.
/request @johnsmith --title 'Buy tablets' --description 'Replace the Denver team's outdated tablets.' --due 11/21/2017 Sends a request 'Buy tablets' to  '@johnsmith' with some details and a decision due date.
/approve 1 Approves request number 1.
/deny 1 Denies request number 1.

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