MetaCert is a powerful security integration for Slack. Don't be afraid of clicking on the wrong link.


We see a world where people aren't afraid of clicking on the wrong link and logging into the wrong website.
This security integration will protect your users from malicious web links before harm can be done to their phone or your corporate network. You can choose between Phishing & Malware and Pornography.
Even if your users are out of the office and using their own mobile device, MetaCert works silently in the background, monitoring messages for potential threats. You will only see an alert when it’s absolutely necessary.
Takes just 30 seconds

This integration takes just 30 seconds to install and automatically works across Slack for desktop and mobile devices. You won’t have to worry about users exchanging sensitive corporate information on their mobile while out of the office.

Alternatives toMetaCert

MetaCert is listed in:Identity and Security

Application and Access Management for teams.
Integrate HackerOne & Slack. Link a channel and receive notifications of new reports and updates to existing reports.
DBOT checks files, URLs and IPs on selected channels and warns you when you may be at risk. DBOT does not store any messages and is open-source -
Prevent phishing with the simplicity of a link.
Cloud based identity and mobility management platform.
Enterprise Cloud Identity Management - SSO, MFA, Provisioning
Clearlogin makes secure access to the cloud easy for users, IT administrators, and developers.
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