Share, discuss and find all of your team's designs.


PixelKit is a happy place for all of your team's design work. It's a simple way to share, discuss and find all of your team's designs.
Connecting PixelKit to Slack enables a number of neat features:
Notifications in Slack any time someone leaves feedback on your designs
Respond directly to Slack notifications to add comments in PixelKit or discuss a design. Your team can leave feedback in either PixelKit or Slack and everything will be recorded alongside your design work.
Slash commands allow you to search through all of your team's design work, post links to your designs or share other people's work.
Any time your designs are shared or discussed within Slack, PixelKit adds a link back to the conversation. That way you can always find and remember what people said about your design work when it's time to make updates.

Alternatives toPixelKit

PixelKit is listed in:Design

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