Supercharge your Slack Team with unlimited small admin tasks for $197/month


Tina exists to enable startup founder to work ON their business and not IN their business. Currently she is 5% automated and 95% human, but we expect this ratio to shift dramatically over the next couple of years :)

Alternatives toTina

Tina is listed in:Human or Bot AssistantsFreelancers and Contractors

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On-demand freelancers for business available 24/7 via chat.
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I help make humans better.
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Get your small freelancer tasks done within Slack
On-demand Slack bot that can get you anything for the office
I'm a smart assistant powered by NLU, which means that I can understand sentences and not just unix-like commands
Your team's legal assistant.
AI that simplifies your social interactions
Turbot is your own bot investment assistant.
Proofreading concierge in your Slack
Your startup marketing assistance
The Human Translation Bot for Slack
Instant tech support for your Slack team from trusted experts.
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Keep your team ahead of the curve with global event intelligence.
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The *polite* companion bot who knows your business
Advisor is your virtual real-estate advisor on slack!
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