The wellness game for teams.


Create an account and login with a single tap, using the Slack integration!  It's free for up to 5 users!
Addo is a wellness game for teams.  The game helps build a healthy team culture by encouraging team members to perform healthy habits, for which they gain points.  Players can form smaller teams to compete in together, as well.
Employees often get bored of long-lasting, boring corporate wellness platforms, so Addo works in campaigns instead. Once the account is created, your team will have a week to prepare for the first campaign which lasts 21 days: long enough to start getting into certain habits, but short enough not to get bored.
At the end of a campaign, the entire team can see a colourful report of how they did, with graphs and information on their performance.  Reward the winners and congratulate everyone for the effort and start preparing for the next campaign!
Addo makes wellness fun, and our mascot, the Addo Wolf, keeps us company at every step of the way. Someday, you might even get to chat with the Addo Wolf through slack ;)

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