Fantasy football-style approach to motivating sales teams

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Ambition is listed in:Team Reward and RecognitionSales

Reward employees effortlessly.
Celebrate and capture team wins in channels and groups.
Have a 360-degree view on your customers
Reward your teammates when they do awesome things.
Send and receive instant gifts and rewards in USD or BTC.
A Slack integration to recognize your team's work
See Salesforce deals in Slack the moment they close.
Build stronger teams with Tap My Back's public recognition on your Slack channels.
Get motivation & well-being support from a verified Helper.
Celebrate team members and broadcast it to your office TVs.
Anonymous peer feedback via Slack
A Lead Enrichment Bot for Slack
Reach sales goals and be your better self
Ivyleads finds new customers and helps you close them
Generate, track and manage your leads
Notify your sales team of deals/users requiring attention
Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries together on Slack!
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