Real-time Server and App Monitoring for DevOps.


Boundary lets your team monitor Cloud, VMs, or physical servers, and provides one-second metrics so you can respond to issues sooner.

This integration will post notifications to Slack when a new alarm is triggered in Boundary.

Alternatives toBoundary

Boundary is listed in:Deployment and CIMonitoring and Alerts

Real-time application performance management.
An open source continuous integration server.
Cloud application deployment and hosting
Uptime and performance monitoring.
Mobile crash analysis and reporting.
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Continuous Integration and Deployment.
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Real-time error logging for your applications.
Error monitoring and handling.
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Automated code review that analyzes every commit, branch, and pull request.
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Subscription analytics, insights & notifications in Slack
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See your Greenhouse build notifications in slack.
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See important user activity in Slack
Turn your software deployments into repeatable, manageable workflows.
One-stop shop tool for app distribution, monitoring and user feedback.
Continuous analysis for your Node.js projects
Dead simple monitoring for periodic tasks like backups and payments.
Pulseway gives you complete control over your entire IT environment.
Simple Uptime and performence monitoring tool
DNS Check enables you to easily monitor, share and troubleshoot DNS records.
Real-time server configuration monitoring.
Stay up to date with all your online metrics 😄
Gemnasium parses your project's dependencies and notifies you when new versions are released and they need to be updated.
Deploy native mobile screens between releases. Personalize based on traffic source.
Website uptime and performance monitoring and alerting
Sends messages for new incidents and SLA breaches from Samanage to Slack
Slack bot for cross-browser testing & fixes
Easy slack integration for cronitor
Hosted continuous integration and delivery.
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