Hey Taco!

Reward your teammates when they do awesome things.

Review ofHey Taco!

We're big fans of Hey Taco!

Hey Taco gives you a simple way to recognize your team members efforts. You simply mention their name in Slack with a :taco: emoji, and Hey Taco will count your taco. Everybody in the team has up to five tacos per day they can give away.

We love Hey Taco's personality (ask, 'what time is it?', and Hey Taco replies, 'It's taco time!'). The leaderboard is really useful, and easy to access, and gives you a quick snapshot of everybody's performance on the taco scale.

Hey Taco is free for small teams with just a few people. For larger teams it ranges in price from $39/month to $229/month.

On the downside, we did find the account activation process a bit cumbersome - and everybody in your team will need to go through this process to redeem rewards and login to the service. We also found that Hey Taco doesn't allow you to send a taco to multiple people in one comment.

Review by Slacktasks.com.

AboutHey Taco!

Hey Taco! is an amazingly fun and unique recognition platform for Slack that let's you recognize your teammates when they do awesome things.  Just simply add a taco emoji after someone's username when you want to recognize them.
Track Recognition
Keep track of all the taco giving on your team's leaderboard.
Create Rewards
Make giving tacos more meaningful by creating rewards.

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