Instant Slack notifications from live chat customers, users and visitors.


Hipmob provides hosted live chat and in-app support and feedback for mobile applications. Hipmob's Slack integration allows Slack to receive notifications when new chats are initiated in Hipmob with a link to the specific chat so users can monitor a Slack room and respond promptly. Talk to your users; make them happy!

Alternatives toHipmob

Hipmob is listed in:Live chat

Smooch lets your team speak to your app's users directly without leaving Slack.
Live-chat with your web visitors directly from Slack
Slaask is the first customer chat tool 100% integrated into Slack.
Live chat platform for websites.
Slack live chat for websites
Your help desk. In Slack.
Live chat software for websites and web apps
Live Chat platform for websites and web apps
The widget that allows you to connect your customers to your team through Slack.
Live Chat with visitors right from Slack
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