Time tracking and resource allocation.


HourStack is a simple time tracking and resource allocation tool for individuals and teams that integrates directly with Slack.
With HourStack you can track time using slash commands from any channel, for example with the command /hourstack start meeting.
You can also plan your week and allocate you and your team's time using the simple and intuitive interface, along with listing all the items you have to work on today with the command /hourstack list.
Full list of commands:
 • /hourstack start [entry name] - Starts a timer by name
 • /hourstack stop - Stops all timers.
 • /hourstack list - Lists all the entries for today.
 • /hourstack stats - Provides statistics on how you spend your time.
 • /hourstack help - Lists all commands currently available
Start owning your week with HourStack and the Slack integration.

Alternatives toHourStack

HourStack is listed in:Time Tracking and Attendance Tracking

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