Kuary is the easiest way to find your stuff. A single search bar for your social media, cloud storage, and work tools.

About Kuary

Kuary is the easiest way to find your stuff. Use Kuary's search bar to find your pictures on Facebook, files in Slack, and even your work documents in the cloud.
Kuary while you Slack! Use the /kuary command to instantly find and share your stuff directly in the Slack channel. You can find and share work docs, contacts, and events right without leaving the Slack app!

Alternatives to Kuary

Kuary is listed in: Integrated Search

Kifi fully indexes links shared in channels. Search on Slack or Google 🔎
Cloudo is one place to search all your cloud apps
Search everything, in one shot
Public, searchable & browseable archive of Slack channels
/create, /search and /assign documents directly from Slack
Search and share files from Google Drive, Dropbox and Box
Search and request data directly through Slack.
Search everything on your phone and inside your apps.
Track activity across your cloud accounts
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