Get work done faster, communications and task management in real-time.


With Redbooth and Slack integrated, collaborate and manage projects like never before. Redbooth is project management software reinvented. Get real-time updates of your project's progress in Slack.
Give your team a central hub for task management and improved planning. Empower your team to keep projects on track.
Gain valuable insights into team performance: evaluate trends, strategically allocate work, and identify at-risk initiatives early.
Stay in the loop when you’re on the road with sleek mobile iPhone, iPad, and Android apps — never miss an important update again.

Alternatives toRedbooth

Redbooth is listed in:Task and Project Management

Project management software that works directly with Slack
To-do lists and task management.
Communications and task management for teams.
Collaborative to-dos lists and task management
A to-do list for your team that you manage with the command /todo
✅ To-do list, 🔔 reminders and 📅 calendars for your team, without leaving Slack❗
Create new tasks and receive notifications in Slack
Slack client with built-in task management
Productivity tools designed to enhance team communication.
Use Slack to manage your projects
A slack bot to manage your todo's, tasks and polls
Every day, just tell Felix your daily goals to boost your productivity
Real-time task management meets real-time communication
Post notifications from Favro to Slack.
A simple issue tracker your clients and team will love.
Team based checklist management for recurring processes.
Power Threads for Teams
Share responsibility for tasks and chores around your team, fairly and automatically.
A collection of bots, apps & web services for Slack
The easiest way to recall your notes. Without leaving Slack. reviews applications which integrate with Slack, and is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc.