A modern staff leave planner for your organisation


Timetastic is the #1 staff leave planner that makes working life just that little bit simpler. It’s the easiest way to book time off work. By using the desktop or mobile apps it eliminates the need for paperwork, and keeps track of everything, instantly.
Your staff and managers will love it as much as you.
* Time off requested and approved online - no paperwork, just email notifications.
* Calendars constantly updated
* Annual Leave tracked and reconciled instantly
* Downloadable reports
The Timetastic + Slack integration will post a daily summary to your chosen Slack channel each morning showing you who is off today.
Start your 3 month free trial at https://www.timetastic.co.uk

Alternatives toTimetastic

Timetastic is listed in:Time Tracking and Attendance Tracking

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We allow businesses to easily manage the Holiday Leave for their Team, our Slack integration notifies you directly when you have an authorised holiday , and reminds you when your next holiday is due.
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