A to-do list for your team that you manage with the command /todo


With /todo  each channel or private conversation has it's own to-do list that any of the participants can read, add or remove items.
/todo makes it easy for team to manage their to-do list as you can assign users to each taks.
Type /mytodo and you will be able to see all the tasks across different channels where you have been assigned as well as create your own personal tasks.
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Some of the available commands:
/todo prepare client proposal Adds 'prepare client proposal' to the channel to-do list.
/todo list Shows the to-do list of the channel
/todo done 1 Marks task number 1 as done.
/todo assign 1 @johnsmith Adds '@johnsmith' to the task number 1.
/mytodo Manage your personal to-do list and view the tasks you are assigned to.
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