a slash command to reduce micromanaging


WHAT:  A β€œDone” is a completed task that you want your team to know about. The more baby steps you celebrate, the more momentum your team will feel.  And no additional annoying emails.
HOW: Type /done followed by a task you've accomplished from any Slack channel or Direct message and then these dones will be published to a dedicated channel of your choice.  We call our done channel #Flywheel effect described in Jim Collins's book Good to Great (which helps a team build momentum.)
WHO:  We built this productivity hack to motivate our team at HeyRide by broadcasting wins--big and small--as they happen, but we soon discovered that knowing what everyone accomplished also made everyone more accountable and the team more productive overall.
WHY:  Read more about the inspiration of /done and benefits of using this app and keeping an 'anti-to-do ' or 'done list' here:

Alternatives to/done

/done is listed in:Track Progress

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