Beautiful management-free reporting for flat, productive teams.


Roundtable enables beautiful, one-click project updates for flat, productive teams.
When team members are aware of each other, productivity soars. Say goodbye to old-school reporting: with daily one-sentence updates, the whole team knows what's going on and who needs help.
Share what you're working on - it helps YOU be focused on what matters to your day, and it help YOUR TEAMMATES too.
Daily updates are designed to be as fast as possible: just one click on an emoji, and you're good. You can add an optional sentence as well.

Alternatives toRoundtable

Roundtable is listed in:Track Progress

Howdy is a customizable team bot that automates common tasks!
Minimalistic progress tracking for teams.
a slash command to reduce micromanaging
Hands-free team tracking and automatic project reports
Measure your team satisfaction in real-time 😄 🚀
Share plans and progress every day — without another meeting.
Stay in sync, cut through the noise, and uncover insights.
Lightweight goal tracking and check-ins for teams.
360 degree feedback, performance reviews, and goals & objectives
Know what your whole team is doing. Easy status reporting.
Show all your OKR activity from Perdoo.
Visualise and share your project progress
Progress reporting for teams that love to get things done.
Keep your team in touch every day
A performance management and goal app for teams.
Easily update other teams about your work, through Slack. reviews applications which integrate with Slack, and is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc.