A company wiki, built on Slack


Tettra helps your company keep up the pace when things are moving fast.
When your team is small, it’s easy to stay in the loop. In-person conversations, 1-on-1 chats, and emails keep you on top of everything that’s important.
But as your team grows, communication becomes exponentially more difficult. Decisions are trapped in email threads where no-one can see them. It’s hard to know where to go to get feedback. Company-wide emails become a nuisance.
Chat is great for quick, transactional communication. But thought-out write-ups and threaded discussions are where the real communication gets done that's keep everyone on the same page. This “low-gear” style of communication is crucial to coordinating and setting a vision for high impact projects.
Tettra is a company wiki, built on Slack. It helps your team stay up to date on what's happening and be more effective by storing all your company's knowledge in one central, searchable, manageable place.

Alternatives toTettra

Tettra is listed in:Collaboration

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