Slaask is the first customer chat tool 100% integrated into Slack.


Slaask is the first customer chat tool that is 100% integrated into Slack.
With Slaask, you no longer need to use a separate customer chat tool outside of Slack.
Finally, your customer chat tool is fully integrated into Slack.
While reducing friction within your company operations, leverage Slack's features for your customers (search engine, fully native apps for iOS and Android...).
Slaask is for forward-thinking small and medium size businesses who believe in the 'all your tools in one place' Slack vision.
Less tabs. Better reactivity. More conversions.

Alternatives toSlaask

Slaask is listed in:Live chat

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Live Chat with visitors right from Slack reviews applications which integrate with Slack, and is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc.