Your help desk. In Slack.


With Talkus, Slack becomes the place for your team to communicate with customers, personally, on your website by live chat or by email, phone or SMS.
Talkus is the most powerful help desk entirely based on Slack. Increase visitor conversion, user retention, engagement and create happy customers in a snap.
Your users see a beautiful chat window on your website: all their chat messages are piled in your Talkus channel in your own Slack. With simple Slack commands, you can assign them to your team, take screenshots for your users and invite your expert teammates to the discussion, in addition to all the cool Slack features (auto-completion, emojis, etc). Talkus also automatically performs a user satisfaction survey when you close tickets and remembers all you need to know about your customers.
You don't need another complicated and expensive app to help your online customers: install, customize the look and display of Talkus and invite teammates in a few seconds, and start making your users happy.
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